December 11, 2007

Mountain biking

Went on another night mountain bike ride tonight and it was just as much fun as the first time. I busted my ass about 4 times, but they were minor. Basically I ran out of forward momentum and couldn't get my feet unclipped in time. If you're old enough to remember Arte Johnson as the old man from Laugh-In, then you'll know exactly how I looked.

The interesting thing about the ride is how well I did...I mean, other than falling over 4 times. I've been going to the gym twice a week and working on my legs, which I've not done before...hack squats, leg extensions, leg press, and leg curls. I could really tell a difference when pedaling uphill because my legs didn't tire or burn like they used to. And I seemed to have a lot more power than I did before. Guess it pays to go to the gym. :)

My friend and I are going to ride on Tuesday nights from now on. I do better when I have a scheduled ride instead of a "hey call me and let's ride" kinda thing. I'll keep you posted.

An old pleasure

I did something last night that I hadn't done in a long time. Got home from work, changed clothes, turned on some good jazz...and cooked dinner. I grilled some chicken breasts, made Italian style string beans...and over steamed some brocolli. The brocolli was so mushy I had to throw it away. :)

I used to do this quite often...not just cooking, but flipping on some good music to cook with. Not sure why I got out of the habit because it was a ton of fun. Plus, the puppies like the jazz too.

December 06, 2007

Pet Peeve

When you leave me a voice mail, how about telling me what it's about? You've either got a question or a problem, so why not tell me? You don't even have to be specific...I'd settle for "Hey, I have a problem with restoring a file". But no, I continue to get "Hey, call me". How about, "Uh, no".

I mean, how hard is it? Am I asking too much?