November 12, 2008

We've Moved

The new location for 3leggeddog is here. Hoping that embedding the link like this will keep the spammers at bay. If you don't want to click on the link, the new blog is threeleggeddog on Wordpress.

I've had fun being on, but think it's time to go my own way. Hopefully, you'll follow. :) And, uh, if you know how to import my old stuff into Wordpress, I'd be grateful if you'd share it with me.


November 06, 2008


Well, Dear Reader, I got dumped today...via email. Actually, dumped may be too strong a word. If you've been seeing someone for a week and unexpectedly get a "don't be mad at me, but" email, is that being dumped? Or is it more like being laid off? Downsized? As my Scottish friends might say, "I've been made redundant."