September 14, 2004

City Government?

I renewed my car tag online about a month ago and still haven't received the little stickers to put on the plate. I called the County Tax Collector's office about it and they said that the sticker was mailed on the 16th of August. When I explained that I hadn't gotten it, the lady offered to check and see if it was returned to them for any reason. Guess what? It'd been returned because of an invalid zip code. Interesting.

Why is this interesting? My zip code changed 3 years ago. The system that the county uses has not had an update in three years. I couldn't believe, uh, county system...Hmm. You know something? This is sad. My life is so f*in boring that I'm now posting about city government. Suck. I need to get out more.


HMMMM I had to get tags last month too! Only nothing at all happened. All went just as planned. My area code changed though - and that is causing chaos to no end.

Posted at September 14, 2004 04:36 PM