September 30, 2004

Golf Tournament Time

I'll not be around tomorrow, but don't worry. I will be volunteering here the entire weekend. I'll be operating a ShotLink device, which marks the player's ball on the fairway and green. Pretty cool, actually. It's a survey machine hooked up to a Palm Pilot. You "shoot" the ball with a laser and it records the position of the ball relative to the tee or the hole. It then transmits that data to the ShotLink computers, which uploads it to the internet. Slicker than cow shit, really.

Today, I got to see David Duval, Fred Funk, and Joey Sindelar while we were out there for lunch. One of the few perks here is that we get free tickets to the tournament, free parking passes, and free tickets to our Hospitality Tent. It is usually a lot of fun, which is why I like to volunteer. Plus, you get some up close time with the golfers.

Anyway, if you're huntin' me, that's where I'll be. I'll let you know how it went on Monday.