May 16, 2005

FruitTrekker Bars

These things are awesome! The FruitTrekker bars from Kalahari are really, really good. I had one of them a few weeks ago at my friend's bike shop and thought they weren't bad. I had quite a few this weekend during our race and decided that they are incredibly good.

I've had the Apricot, Mango, and Pineapple, and I've got to say that the Pineapple is my favorite one so far. I plan to sample quite a few of the others just to be sure. :-)

The thing I like about them is they're basically nothing but chopped real fruit. There's no fat, no cholesterol, and they still taste incredibly good.

I have no affiliation with these people other than I really, really like their product. If you're looking for a low calorie, flavorful snack, then try some of these. If you don't like 'em, send me whatever's left over. I'll eat 'em.


Seriously. How much did they pay you to say that?

Posted at May 17, 2005 08:20 AM