July 24, 2006


Back from Philly. We recovered 85 to 90 percent of our stuff and were well on our way to completing the rest of it when they shut us down. Ah well...I didn't think we'd get that far considering how poorly we started. To be honest, this was really more of a test than our normal tests. In a 'true' disaster, shit happens and you have to be able to react, which is what we did. The nice thing is that our AVP noticed and commented which is very rare.

For my New York friends/readers, I never even got close to the City, which sucked because I did want to meet several of you. And the drinks were on me. :)

Got home about 4:30, doing some laundry, eating, and then going to bed. I am worn out...but in a good way.


I was in Mississippi anyway, so that would've left you with no one else worth hanging out with had you made it to NYC. :P

Posted at July 26, 2006 11:48 AM