August 11, 2006


UPDATE: According to the Doc, my vision was 20/25 after my first follow up this afternoon. Things are still a tad fuzzy, but he said that's to be expected.

So far, so good Dear Reader. Got back about 9ish and napped till almost 12:30. Got up, fixed a nutritious lunch of ramen noodles...and everything was done WITHOUT GLASSES OR CONTACTS!

They gave me a Valium to calm me down, but it didn't do anything that I could tell. Next time, I'm getting them to give me two!

Getting ready to go to my first follow-up. The Doc said everything went well and I was able to read the clock on the wall of the operating room as soon as I was done. It's still kinda weird. The strangest part was waking up from my nap and being able to see for the most part.

I'll keep you updated, but so far, friends, everything is very good.

The worst part?

When the laser was working, I detected a faint burning smell. Other than that, it was fairly easy.


So. Jealous. Want. NOW!

Glad to hear it went well...

Posted at August 11, 2006 01:46 PM