August 24, 2006


Sorry for the absence Dear Reader.

Today, I am in Colorado visiting the bro and his family. It was a last minute trip, but it came together quite nicely. The dogs are at a "pet resort" and I'm a bit apprehensive since this is the first time they've been boarded. The people there were really nice, though, and said they'd take good care of them. They'd better.

In other news...well, there's not much other news to report. I'm actually drawing a giant blank this morning...I know I've done "stuff", I just can't seem to recall what that stuff was. Must have been exciting, I know.

Anyway...I'll update when I can...or if I remember something.

August 18, 2006

Eyeball Update

One week after being lasered, I have 20/20 vision in my right eye and 20/25 in my left. Unbelievable.

August 15, 2006


How can you tell when it's time to cut the back yard?

When one dog has to stand on the porch and bark so the other dog can find its way back after taking a leak.

Fortune Cookie

This was my fortune today:

Your eyes will be opened to a world full of beauty, charm, and adventure.

On the back was the Chinese word Hai-zi which means Medical Doctor.

August 11, 2006


UPDATE: According to the Doc, my vision was 20/25 after my first follow up this afternoon. Things are still a tad fuzzy, but he said that's to be expected.

So far, so good Dear Reader. Got back about 9ish and napped till almost 12:30. Got up, fixed a nutritious lunch of ramen noodles...and everything was done WITHOUT GLASSES OR CONTACTS!

They gave me a Valium to calm me down, but it didn't do anything that I could tell. Next time, I'm getting them to give me two!

Getting ready to go to my first follow-up. The Doc said everything went well and I was able to read the clock on the wall of the operating room as soon as I was done. It's still kinda weird. The strangest part was waking up from my nap and being able to see for the most part.

I'll keep you updated, but so far, friends, everything is very good.

The worst part?

When the laser was working, I detected a faint burning smell. Other than that, it was fairly easy.

August 09, 2006

Frickin' laser beams

Friday, 7:00 AM I'll be getting frickin' laser beams shot into my eyeballs. Yes, I understand the risks, but it's something I want to do.

Saw the Doctor today for my pre-surgery exam where they do the ever popular dilating of the pupils. As I type this, my glasses are on my desk and my face is about 12 inches from the screen. I can't see dookie, people. The cool part, however, is that the drops make my eyes red so I'm walking around with a day's worth of beard, red eyes, and huge pupils. I think I'm going to wander around the 4th floor where our Execs hang out. Dude, I'm soooo wasted!

August 07, 2006

A new experience

So I rode my bike Saturday. 28 miles at an average speed of 13.8. It was awesome! No, really. It was the best ride I've had in several years.

I wish I could describe what it felt like to be the stronger rider for once. I was the guy doing the pulls up the hill...I was the guy sitting up waiting for my friend Charlie to catch up...I was the guy who got to hear the other rider gasping for air. And I'll tell you a little secret, Dear was an awesome feeling.

Now in Charlie's defense, he hadn't been on his bike in over a year and was recovering from neck surgery. When we rode together two years ago, he could kick my ass on any given day, but he always stuck with me, even when I was barely going 8 mph up a hill. I always appreciated that about him and felt that I should do the same now that I'm in better shape than he is. Plus, the more we ride, the better we'll both get...and I'm sure at some point, he'll start kicking my ass again...but until then, I'm going to enjoy this thoroughly.

August 02, 2006

Mel Gibson is just an actor

As you all know, I'm Jewish or Crewish if you want to be precise...a mixture of Jewish and Christian beliefs. And you know what? I don't give a rat's ass whether Mel Gibson is an anti-Semite or not. Why? Because he's an actor...that's all he is. He's not the ruler of a country, the president of a multinational corporation, or a college professor. He's an actor.

The guy is paid to memorize lines, show emotion, and make us think he really believes there are aliens in his corn field...or where ever the hell they were in that movie. I don't care what Mel thinks of me or my people. I don't care if Mel thinks the Holocaust was made up. He's an actor...that's all he is.

Somewhere along the way, we as a nation have begun to equate "acting skills" with all sorts of things. If he's a good actor, then he'll make an excellent governor, an astute politician, an objective and fair-minded talk show host, an expert on foreign affairs and military policy. How in the hell do those go hand in hand? Geez, people, I can make you believe all kinds of shit, but that doesn't mean I'd be a good Governor.

Does it bother me that Mel said those things? Yes, it does. Do I think it needs to be an international incident? Fuck no. If Mel Gibson was some average asshole who got stopped for speeding, this wouldn't have even been a blip on a radar screen. But because he's an actor, then his moronic behavior is plastered all over the airwaves and newspapers. Folks, listen...We've got far more important shit to worry about than Mel Gibson. We've got people living in cardboard houses, eating dog food if they're lucky...we've got kids gunning down other kids over an XBox...we've got so much horrible crap going on and you expect me to pay attention to Mel Gibson's drunken rampage? Sorry, but it ain't happening.

Mel, if you happen to read this, I've got nothing against you...I just don't give a shit about your opinions and think the rest of the nation shouldn't either. You're just an actor.