November 03, 2006

IE 7

I installed IE 7 the other day for two reasons, 1) it's out and 2) I know our users are going to do it so I thought I'd beat them to it. My opinion?

It sucks.

The tab feature is good, but that's about it. It acted really weird concerning the menu bar. I'd turn it off, but then it'd reappear on certain websites. I'd turn it off again, click the address bar to type a URL and the damn thing would have a seizure on the screen. It'd just start shaking...and I have proof. My boss was standing over my shoulder when it happened. Had some other goofy crap happen too.

Plus, I don't like the location of the address bar waaaaay up at the top of the screen...and I couldn't move the stupid thing. I could move everything else, but not that. I don't know...maybe it's just the layout or it being new, but if you ask me, it ain't quite ready for prime time.

Anyway...I uninstalled it, which was a relatively smooth process. I'll stick with IE 6 and Firefox.


Thanks for the review! I haven't tried it yet. I

Posted at November 5, 2006 10:15 AM

See, I recently redid my company's website, and half the fancyness doesn't work in IE6. It works on Safari, Firefox, IE7, everything, really, on both Windows/Mac platforms, EXCEPT IE6. And I was super strict about using compliant code.

It downgrades nicely, but it still pisses me off that IE6 is that uncompliant. I was all happy that they fixed a lot of those issues in IE7.

Hopefully they fix the bugs you hate, so we can both be happy with it.

Posted at November 6, 2006 01:26 PM