January 02, 2007

A whole month?

Holy crap...I've not posted in over a month? Hmm...

To start off 2007 right, I was going to have a big blowout with friends, get drunk, throw up, and start over again. Instead, I ended up spending the weekend on my couch, with a 45 pound three-legged chicken sitting on my chest. Trey hates fireworks almost as much as thunderstorms. As I type this, he's lying under my desk.

I was on the couch because I've hurt my back...again. Went to the chiropractor Friday, cleaned the house Saturday, and was up at 3 in the morning with an aching back. Thank the Lord for Bengay, Tylenol, and heating pads. I'm a tad nervous, though, because I've got some numbness down the middle of my left butt cheek and into my left leg. I've had some numbness for years from when I hurt it the last time. The neurologist I was seeing at the time said it was fine as long as I didn't lose any strength in my leg (or in my ass too, I guess). Now, though, it seems a tad worse. I'll give it a week or so of treatment with the chiro to see how it goes.

In other news, I've made a list of my 2007 goals for this year. I did pretty well last year, so we're going to do this again. They are as follows in no particular order:

- Lose weight (again)...don't ask.

- Learn to cook for 1 (I'm through with the 3 cans of tuna a day routine)

- Keep weight off for minimum of 6 months

- Put a minimum of 1,000 miles on my bike

- Ride the 2007 MS150 (Update: Newest member of Team FedEx for 2007!)

- Finish painting my home (to be done before May '07)

- Decorate said home so it looks like someone actually lives here

- Post more than once a month

- And finally, see someone about the mild panic attacks I've been having

Well, Dear Reader, that's all for right now. I hope each of you has a wonderful 2007. Be sure to check back again for more updates.


Happy New Year to you, sir!

That tingly butt cheek/leg thing? Sounds like sciatica to me... There are a few stretches that can help some, but you should also check how you're sitting/how much you're sitting, etc. Your chiro should be able to help here...

Posted at January 3, 2007 08:35 AM

Happy New Year!

I stopped posting on my blog for about 6 months -- so don't feel bad about missing one month. Sometimes life just gets too busy or you just don't feel you have anything to share online.

Well welcome back and I hope the numbness goes away soon. :)

Posted at January 7, 2007 12:27 PM

I haven't posted much either and it's also my resolution to do it more often...real life does get in the way though.

Posted at January 12, 2007 09:23 AM