April 13, 2007

The Peter Principle

Senior VP calls me pitchin' a bitch because he can't access the wireless network in his hotel. Blathers on about how "we" screwed up his connection, how it doesn't work at home or anywhere else. Wants a total overhaul done on his laptop when he gets back.

I start to troubleshoot the problem.

Wireless card enabled. Check
Windows Firewall Off. Check
Wireless Device in room turned on. Check

After 5 minutes of asking questions, he gives me the make/model of the wireless device. I google it. Hmm...Interesting. Get him to give me make/model again. Google it again. Same result.

He can't get to the wireless network in his hotel room is because there is no wireless connection in his hotel room.

Get him to plug in his network cable and BAM! Internet access.


bwahahaha. What an idiot. Although, sounds like something I would do. But I definitely wouldn't call you bitching about it! For Pete's sake!

Posted at April 18, 2007 04:23 PM