April 20, 2007

Get that kid a haircut

Conversation I just had with a neighbor I ran into at the bike shop:

Me: Hey, J, how you doing?

J: Not too bad. What about you?

Me: Can't complain. Working my ass off, but that's about it.

J: Same here. Did you see me wave this morning?

Me: Yeah, I saw you standing in the driveway next to your daughter.

J: Actually, that was my son.

Me: Oh.


HA! I took my son out for lunch last week. The waitress approached us from behind him, and effusively said 'hello, ladies!"

I just about bent over double laughing, while the kid was supremely annoyed. See, he loves his long, curly flowing tresses.

And now, he thoroughly hates the Jerry Lewis 'hey LAY-DEE' impressions both his dad and I can't help but throw his way.

Not enough to cut his hair, though...

Posted at April 21, 2007 06:34 PM

It probably just reinforces any angst or alienation he feels as a teenager anyway.

Posted at April 21, 2007 07:22 PM

I generally don't read blogs. I read yours off & on for 6 hours at work. It was a real pleasure. And one strange bit of serendipity- I have a coworker who confessed Christ three weeks ago AND HE OWNS A THREE-LEGGED DOG ! I will tell a couple of buddy's about your blog. Thanks much.

Posted at April 27, 2007 02:35 PM