June 18, 2007

Yes, I'm still here

Been on vacation in Colorado for the last week and it was a blast. Got to spend quality time with the family and other than some minor issues, I had a great time.

The flights were another matter...A note to American Airlines...You suck. Every flight I was on was late...every one. Late leaving Jackson, late leaving Dallas, late leaving Denver, late leaving Dallas. Of course, they blamed it all on the weather, which I believe is total crap. And since when did they start charging for peanuts, etc? From Dallas to Denver, we got a beverage and that was it...not even the crappy bag of peanuts. If it was closer, I'd drive.

Also, I think I might be jinxed…I picked up my car from the airport and it started right up, even though it sat for a week. Stopped to get some food on the way home from the airport, got back in my car, turned the key…and nothing happened. Well, the interior lights came on, the A/C came on, but the engine went BLUH. That's all it did…it went BLUH. Got out, opened the hood, looked inside, saw the engine was still there, closed the hood. Yeah, like you'd have done more than just look at the engine. I did check the battery terminals and they were fine.

Got back in the car, tried to crank it 127 more times...still nothing. Fortunately, a good friend was able to come and jump start the car. Got it home, turned it off, tried to restart it, and the damn thing fired right up. Bastard.

Walked in the door, greeted the dogs, flipped the switch to turn the lights on in my living room…the lights didn't come on…they just went BLUH. Tried the switch for the ceiling fan…it went BLUH too. Everything else works fine, but the ceiling fan/lights go BLUH when you flip the switch. Opened the breaker box, looked at the breakers, they looked back at me, I closed the box. No idea what the hell is wrong here. I've got a buddy that's an electrician so I'll see if he has any suggestions.

Ended up buying a new battery because I had 1/2 the cranking amps I needed to start the car.

I think I'm just going to go back on vacation.