August 16, 2007

The Move

"I think we need to move Mom to Colorado," he said. I was floored. The last words I ever expected to come out of my brother's mouth were, "I think we need to move Mom to Colorado".

I had to agree with him because it is a good idea. She'd be close to family, her grandkids, and someone to kick her in the ass to get out and do stuff. Our only stipulation was that Mom had to put some effort into it on her end. We wouldn't do everything for her. It was simple stuff...and she's not done any of it. I take that back...she's spent money on a handyman to "fix" stuff around the house. This is after we told her to spend NO MONEY until we had a contract. So far, the only thing she's done is exactly what we asked her not to do.

I'm telling you this right now, Dear Reader. My Mom is going to screw this up. She's going to dick around, my brother is going to get pissed off, then he's going to pull the plug. We talked for about 30 minutes last night and pretty much agreed that if she doesn't put any effort into it, we're done. Don't get me wrong, we both agree that this would be the best thing for her, and we'll do whatever we can to get her there, but it can't be one sided.

I know that's a shitty attitude to have, but we don't know what else to do. Mom bitches because no one comes to see her, we don't care about her, etc. So now that we've decided to move her close to family, she does nothing to help. The one thing that'll kill this is her apathy. And, I hate to say this, but there's not going to be any more of us wasting vacations to sit around and stare at one another.

So...that's where we are, internet. We've offered Mom a golden opportunity...let's hope she doesn't tarnish it.


There is SOME value if the attempt to move her to colorado fails. It's that if she complains again that nobody will come to visit her, you can say that you TRIED to make the situation better for her and she didn't do a DAMN THING about it.

If my mother complained about nobody wanting to spend time with her, I'd just remind her that it's her own fault that nobody likes her. You have to be nice to people if you want them to like you.

Posted at August 17, 2007 07:21 AM