November 16, 2007

You want a what?!?

I've just been given the most insane, asinine, and ridiculous request that I've ever been given. A user at my company is asking for quotes on a 30" flat-panel computer monitor. Yes, you read that right...a 30" monitor. Thirty. Inch. The thing weighs over 25lbs!

But gets better. If the 30" is too expensive (or too large) they've asked for quotes on two 22" monitors. Two. Not one, but two. Did I mention he's asking for two monitors? Of 22" or more? Two.

I mean, we already have a one group with 24" monitors...and there is absolutely no reason for them to have them...none. Not. One. They don't do CAD/CAM work, or video editing, or anything that would require monitors of that size. The reason (excuse) for getting them was so they could view multiple windows at one time. The only thing I've ever seen them do is have a single email open that is 24" wide.

The very idea of having a user with a 30" monitor on their desk is just ludicrous. That's bigger than the TV I have at home! Geez, people...and if it gets approved, I think my head might explode.

And just you wait...if one person gets it, you know the rest of the users are going to want one. We'll have an entire company of nothing but 30" monitors.



We upgraded all our designers to 30" screens a few months ago...most of them think it's TOO big, and I agree.

I will admit, with shame, that I have dual 24" monitors on my desk at work. For no good reason. I stole an unused 24" out of the back room and no one's yelled at me yet.

Posted at November 16, 2007 01:05 PM

I make videos for the "display TVs" in our break rooms. They are actually LCD monitors....37" monitors. They are way too big to sit closer than three feet. Me thinks people with 30" screens would have to sit quite a ways from their monitor just to view it.

Posted at November 16, 2007 03:42 PM