April 10, 2008

Brain brakes

I'm walking into work this morning and one of our security guards has a little Bluetooth headset in his ear. His name is Cornelius, but we all call him C.

I said, "C, you got a bug in your ear. Might want to swat it."

He said, "This is how I communicate with everybody. Gotta have my earpiece in."

I responded with something about how technical he looks and he says, "I feel like MT2 or T3...you know, the Terminator."

Now we all know that my mouth will many times speak before my brain has a chance to process it. For example, I was eating at a friend's house the other day and his wife served us blackberries and strawberries with whipped cream. Before I could stop it, my mouth said, "I love whipped cream on my berries"...I thought his 14 year old son was going to choke to death.

Anyway...when C said, "I feel like MT2 or T3...you know, the Terminator.", my brain reacted quicker than ever and stopped my mouth from responding with, "Actually, that would make you the C-minator".