April 22, 2008

Photog Class - Day Three

Very cool class yesterday. We talked about the Auto Focus modes on the rebel and I learned some cool stuff. First, I learned that my camera should make all those "zzzt zzzt zzzt" noises when I use AF Servo mode and that it's not screwed up. Apparently this Auto Focus mode constantly readjusts focus assuming that the subject will be moving, i.e. sports photography. Second, learned that Single Shot (or One Shot) will hold focus as long as I hold down the shutter button. Way cool.

Also learned about white balance, which is neat, and found out how to change to the preconfigured settings. Going to make a habit of checking white balance each time camera is turned on. Don't want to hose up stuff because of balance problems.

And finally, I'm debating on whether I should switch from JPEG to RAW. I learned more about RAW last night. I've got Photoshop so I can manipulate RAW images if I need to, but am not sure if I want to have both RAW and JPEGs of the same shots. Comments? Suggestions?