October 03, 2008

A bunch of crap

Just read this little quote in a news article about the "bailout".

Democratic Rep. Bobby Rush, of Illinois, also said Obama was asking him to reconsider his vote. "I'm seriously listening," Rush said.

When a politician says, "I'm seriously listening", what he really means is, "What's in this for me?".

And did anyone happen to see the love fest on TV with Senators Dodd, Baucus, and Reid congratulating themselves on doing their job? It was ridiculous. Look at us!! We finally did something right and now we have to get on TV and hold a press conference so everyone will know! What a bunch of dipshits. Congratulating themselves for working together to get legislation passed in the Senate. That's why you're there, you morons!

Quit patting yourselves on the back for doing your job. You assholes are the reason we're in the mess...and I don't mean just those guys, I mean Congress as a whole.


So true!! When the shit really hits the fan how many times do you hear on the news "no one from xxxx is available for comment" but as soon as a the morons get something right they just wont shut the fuck up!!

Posted at October 5, 2008 05:45 PM