October 06, 2004

Morning Wood Week 4

Good news, Sports Fans, the Morning Wood is 3-1, coming off an impressive victory over Mojo Rising. It turns out that for this week anyway, they had no mo mojo. At the end of Week 4, we are in a 5-way tie for 3rd. Our next game is against Bang!, who happens to be the leader in this group of 5. Keep your fingers crossed 'cause the bye week for Philly takes away our defense. I had to pick up San Fran, but they ain't so hot.

In related news, the Wood, as we like to call them, has beaten two out of the three women who play in our league. It is rather refreshing, really, to point out the fact that they have been spanked by my Morning Wood. The combined looks of disgust and disappointment are certainly worth it. Not sure if I'll be playing the 3rd woman but if so, I'm sure she'll crumble under the weight of my Wood just like the others.

In closing, I just want to remind everyone that I will be taking my Wood in hand this weekend and hopefully leading them to the promised land.