December 09, 2004

Name change

Does anyone know the process to legally change your name? I guess I could google it, but I thought I'd ask. And yes, I'm serious.

You see, my dad and I have the same name (I'm a second (II), not junior). Whereas I am diligent in paying bills, following rules, doing what's expected, my Dad is not. And this causes me lots of grief sometimes.

Most recently, when the Credit Union pulled my credit report, it looked like I had close to $40K in credit card debt. Now I owe my fair share to Citibank, but no where near that amount. Yes, I've disputed it, but this is not the first time it's happened. Note to Equifax: What ignorant SOB in your organization listed me as HBG 2 and not II? How f*ing stupid is that? It's a Roman numeral, II, you ignorant f***, not the Arabic 2. Next to the DMV, you have got to be the dumbest people on Earf."

Anyway, I've seriously considered changing my name to avoid this stuff. My phone number's unlisted to avoid his creditors. I'm not sure the name change will fix anything, but if the old man has no interest in paying his bills in a timely manner, I gotta do something.


Ask a married woman who changed her name. My friend recently got married and changed her name. She didn't have much of a problem. Then again, I also know a man who changed his name (and so did his wife - to a name that they made up that was a combination of both their last names), and he said he had a hard time. But I don't know where to tell you to start. I'll pimp the web site I work for and suggest this link.

Posted at December 9, 2004 01:55 PM