June 11, 2006

Giro De Rankin

We had our annual bicycle race this weekend. It was fun, tiring, hot, sweaty, exhausting, hot, chaotic, hot, relatively accident free, hot, and hot. It was 96 degrees at noon yesterday and today, and little ol' me was out in the middle of it since I'm the Race Director. It was worth it, though.

We had an awesome turnout with people coming from Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Florida. I met some friends of a fellow blogger and hope they relay how great the race was. :)

I got paid for being Race Director this year, which was completely unexpected and also not necessary. I like to help because it's fun to be out there, although it's a huge amount of work. However...getting paid was a nice bonus. And it was a very nice check, too. And it's going into my savings account.

And in the TMI category:

Between 4am Saturday morning (yes, I was up at 4am) and 7:50pm Sunday night, I think I peed a total of 4 times...


Glad to hear that it went very well. Will you be posting results? I hope my girls won everything. :)

Posted at June 11, 2006 08:23 PM