April 28, 2006

Sunny Florida

So I'm in Florida this week, Dear Reader, and it's been an adventure to say the least. Having a great time, wish you were here.

Just wanted to say hi (HI!) and that for some reason, I've passed the 30,000 visitor's mark. I find that highly unusual seeing as how I've posted nothing but drivel for the past 6 or 8 months. For those of you who check here regularly, thanks! and I apologize for the lack of content. As I've said a hundred times before, I'll try and do better. :-)

I'll be home Sunday and I'll give you a full report then.

April 18, 2006

Still here

Hello Dear Reader,

Just wanted you to know that I'm not dead...just boring. Not much has happened in the last few weeks so I haven't had much to write about. I promise to try and do better in the future...although I will be on vacation next week.

It's time for "Gotta Go See Mom 2006", that rip roaring good time when the whole family makes the annual trek to see the maternal unit. The cool part of this trip is that I'm meeting my brother and his family in Dallas, then we're all flying to Florida together. We haven't told my nephew because I wanted to surprise him at the airport. I'm thinking that's going to be pretty cool.

Forgot to mention that I had company this weekend. The 3leggedogs stayed with me this weekend. The ex had surgery on her hand and according to her, they were 'rambunctious' so I picked 'em up Saturday afternoon. It was really cool to have them in the house. It took them an hour or so to relax, but once they did, we had a good time. The neatest part was when Fancy came into my room about 2:30 Sunday morning. For some reason, she has to check on you at night. She hops into the room, nudges you until you pet her for a second, then hops back out. She did that to me and I thought it was really neat. Took them home Sunday afternoon...and the house was a bit too quiet afterwards.

Other than that, Dear Reader, things are about the same as always. Hope things are more lively for you.

April 01, 2006


If you're looking for me, I'll be hanging out around Amen Corner. This is going to be so cool.