January 10, 2007

The Human Suppository

They're going to shove me into an MRI tube tomorrow morning. I've had one before so I know it's a tight squeeze. I'm still nervous, though.

The Doctor didn't really say much. I showed him the x-rays the chiro took and at least his reaction wasn't "HOLY SHIT!". He didn't really say much except that I've lost the reflex in my left ankle. When he tapped on the back of it, my foot didn't move. I'd say that's not good, but the foot/ankle don't feel weak. The only think he did was offer me some pain pills, but since I don't have any pain, it was a moot point.

The thing that worries me about surgery is that I don't have a significant other or close relative to help out. My Dad's in town, but he bitches and complains about stuff like this so I don't ask. Plus, the dogs can't cook worth a crap and always leave the kitchen in a huge mess. So...know any live-in nurses? :)

Going back to the Doctor's on Friday. I'll let you know more then.


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Posted at January 10, 2007 09:23 PM