January 11, 2007

That was easy

Had the MRI this morning and it went well. It was the "shove you in the tube" kind, which doesn't bother me. It felt good to lie still for a while in the middle of the day. Funny thing is that the only real thought I had the entire time was "DON'T FART!".

When I left, they gave me the results on CD. Being a good dork, the first thing I did was make a copy when I got to work. The second thing was I popped it into the CD reader to look at the images. Let's just say I have no idea what I'm looking at.

I can see my spine and vertebrae and some organs and some other gross crap. It means absolutely nothing. The only thing that makes any sense is that it appears that my disk has not ruptured...or at least I think it hasn't. I was premed for a year but we didn't cover ruptures that semester so I'm merely guessing. Going to the Spine doc tomorrow for him to review them. I'll let you know.

On a lighter note, Trey seems to be getting used to going outside again. He went out with no problems this morning and even went out last night. Guess I'm getting him back on schedule.

That's about all for now, Dear Reader. Be cool and remember, lift with your knees, not with your back.