November 01, 2007

They suck, you don't

I got a back-handed compliment today. A laptop for one our Executive VPs died today so I had to get him a temporary replacement while I get his other one fixed. While I was talking to him, another EVP came in and asked about getting more memory for her laptop. We talked for a few minutes about it and she said she'd put in a project for this. I took the dead laptop and headed back to my office.

When I went back upstairs to deliver the laptop, I stopped by the 2nd EVP's office to ask her a question. As I was leaving, she called me back and we had the following conversation:

EVP: I went ahead and put in the project for memory for my laptop and for my secretaries' desktop.

Me: Oh. Good. Memory is relatively cheap, like I mentioned earlier, and it'll really make a difference.

EVP: Right. Um. (pause) (pause)

Me: (interrupting) You want me to work the project and get the memory?

EVP: Um. Yes, if you would. I would appreciate it. The...uh...well...the other...

Me: (interrupting) It's cool. I understand. I'd be happy to.

It ain't much, but at least I know people want me to work on their stuff.